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Emosaic – Visualising emotion in text

Emosaic is a interactive prototype that is the result of a student project of the course Make emotions visible (German: Emotionen sichtbar machen) at the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam. The project was concepted, designed and build by Philipp Geuder, Marie Claire Leidinger, Martin von Lupin and supervised by Marian Dörk and Tobias Schröder.

There are two versions of prototypes:

Version 1 is the result of the initial course in 2014. Prototype and concept received recognition by Digital Humanities in German speaking countries and was awarded with the DARIAH-DE DH-Award 2015.
1 minute video of Poster-Slam 2015 (German).

Version 2 was designed and developed in 2015 to exhaust the potential of the concept.

Version 1

Version 2

Twitter impressions

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