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English Premier League, The Guardian

This interactive, which can be viewed on The Guardian, lets you explore the relationship between the finances of the English Premier League' clubs and their success. The interactive offers several views to explore relationships. A user can select one or multiple clubs, track clubs over several seasons, and toggle the encoding between turnover and wage bill. Smooth transitions assist the user in keeping track of what's happening when switching between years.


Animated intro in several steps explains the topic and encoding.

Newcastle timeline - browse table for different seasons and explore club's turnover

Several groupings are offered as shortcuts to guide exploration

Compare clubs turnover and success over time

Comparison Manchester City and Leicester City in 2015/16

Comparison Southampton and West Bromwich Albion

And it's mobile proof

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Interactive by Small Multiples: Me (Design and UX), Harry Morris (Development), Jack Zhao (Creative Direction). Words by Alan Smith. Sydney, 2016

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