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The Six Variations

Transforming and discovering everyday objects, that was the task for that project. With our solution we want to question the material, texture and use of objects we deal with every day.

What everyday objects?

To compare the transformation of our objects we needed some kind of common denominator. We thought round ones should fit our purposes. Finally we came up with 12 round objects that have roughly the same size. In particular we chose chocolate balls from christmas, mandarins, table tennis balls, eggs, bird fat balls, Kinder eggs, bath balls, christmas bulbs, tomatoes, Ferrero Raffaellos, buble gums and of course some scouring pads.

The transformation matrix

To achieve a comparable transformation that reveals hidden properties of our objects we started to create a transformation matrix. Cause since everyday was our main topic we also came up with everyday transformations, you mostly find somewhere in the kitchen. Those transformations are cutting into halfs, squeezing, burning, boiling and another one. Can you guess the last one? It's actually hard to get...

Right, it's transformation over time (waiting). We also added a non-transformed column that shows the initial state of every object.

We arranged the objects and transformation modes in a matrix. After some very fun days of burning, smashing and boiling we had our matric complete. We paid high attention to treat every object the same way, but sometimes that was not easy. Cutting a christmas bulb is way harder than cutting a tomato.

Do not burn your christmas bulb

The result gives a great overview over the specific destinies and reveals what different kinds of properties an single object can adopt. For example the most objects were totally resistent against time. The table tennis ball doesn't care how long it lays around somewhere. But in comparision the mandarine after one month was a very disgusting and smelly matter that transformed not only in shape but also in colour. Another interesting comparision is the boiling bath ball and the Ferrero Raffaello. While the bath ball is supposed to dissolve in hot water the Raffaello is definitively not. Interesting though that both are transforming their shape anyway. The bath ball dissapears and just leaves the shell behind while the Raffaello transformes to some kind of dead snail.

And while some people may think the chicken egg is supposed to boil in a pot others may come to the conclusion that the best to do with an egg is to leave it alone and let the time transform it to a tiny chick.
It's very revealing to compare the different objects and transformation modes. Every object has it's destiny.

A project together with Tim Pulver. This project was part of the class Everyday Objects by Gabi Schillig at FH Potsdam in February 2012.

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