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Talk at UX Australia 2019

The Lorem Ipsum of data visualisation – How to design data-driven wireframes

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Having to put charts into wireframes can be cumbersome. If you ever had to design a dashboard or a report you might have faced challenges such as: what data to show and how to define useful metrics; how to best communicate your low level ideas with clients; what tools to use to create charts; whether to design in low or high fidelity; how to maintain a consistent visual style; or when and how to incorporate real and fake data.

There are indeed many ways to go here. Approaches include creating charts within your favourite wireframe environment; using hand drawn sketches as placeholders, importing visuals created with tools such as Excel, or building a prototype using code. It all gets more complicated when you go beyond your usual line and bar chart and enter the realm of designing for highly bespoke and interactive exploratory interfaces.

As UX designer at a data visualisation studio, Martin is constantly working with data-driven wireframes. In this presentation, he will shed light onto possible obstacles and give a variety of solutions on how to overcome them. He will bring real examples from many of the studio's projects and give insights on their creative process along with practical tips on how the design team deals with data and charts when prototyping.


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20 minute talk at UX Australia 2019 in Sydney.
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