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White Walkers – Art project for an exhibition dedicated to Frieder Nake

This software is dedicated to Frieder Nake, a pioneer of computer art. It was created for the exhibition Licht ins Dunkel at HFK Bremen. The exhibition honored Frieder Nake's huge influence for the last 25 years of computer art. Besides some of his works there were also works of other people shown like friends, students and admirers. Among others there was an installation by Casey Reas. An other result of the class was my work I'm losing grit.

My work combines the two contrary themes of order and chaos, as these are also important pieces in some of Frieder Nake's works. The rudimental look is of course inspired by old computer graphics, even though the math might be a bit too complex for an old computer.

While the software is running, the algorithm builds an unique image that gets immediately replaced by a new one after it is (nearly) finished. This shall keep the dynamic high and shall also underline the fact, that every piece is very special and unique just in this very moment.

Video demonstration

This video shows the software running for 4 minutes.

Some still outputs of White Walkers

The image shows the software running on a screen at the exhibition. For the special demands of the place I inverted the colors as you see in the picture.

This project was part of the class Tweetable Codes by Kim Albrecht and Paul Heinicker at FH Potsdam in October 2013.

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