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At the moment I'm working as UX/UI Designer at the datavis studio Small Multiples in Sydney.

2016 Bachelor of Arts in Interface Design from the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam, Thesis: "Narrative Photo Browsing – Using large personal photo collections for reminiscing and autobiographical refecting" supervised by Marian Dörk and Sebastian Meier.

2015-2016 Student employee at civity Management Consultants in Berlin. I mostly do UI design, data visualization and map design.

2015 Freelancing for Golden Section Graphics in Berlin. I supported the team in web development and responsive web design.

2014-2015 Internship at civity Management Consultants in Berlin. I built an interactive web application for public transport analysis. Therefor I aggregated and visualized user generated timetable information data.

2013 Semester abroad at Malmö University in Sweden. I attended the interaction design program and focused my studies on game design, using Microsoft Kinect.

2010-2016 Interfacedesign study at the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam. I focus on physical interaction, UX/UI design and data visualization.

2007-2010 Training as a digital media designer at bsf swissphoto, a company located near the airport Berlin Schönefeld, which captures geo data from aerial photographs for customers like Google, Microsoft or Deutsche Bahn.


Philipp Geuder, Marie Claire Leidinger, Martin von Lupin, Marian Dörk, Tobias Schröder Emosaic: Visualizing Affective Content of Text at Varying Granularity. arXiv:2002.10096 [cs.HC]
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von Lupin, M., Geuder, P., Leidinger, M., Tobias S., Dörk, M. Emosaic – Visualisierung von Emotionen in Texten durch Farbumwandlung zur Analyse und Exploration [Emosaic – Visualizing Emotions in texts through color transformation for analysis and exploration]. DHd 2016: 263-266.
( Body of Abstracts )

Gortana, F., Kaim, S., von Lupin, M., Nagel, T. Isoscope – Visualizing temporal mobility variance with isochrone maps. Poster Abstracts of IEEE VIS 2014.
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DARIAH-DE Digital Humanities Award 2015 Award for the student project emosaic together with Philipp Geuder and Marie Claire Leidinger, supervised by Marian Dörk and Tobias Schröder
University of Applied Sciences Potsdam, DARIAH-DE


The Lorem Ipsum of data visualisation - How to design data-driven wireframes UX Australia, September 2019
Presentation slides (PDF)
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Creating highly polished and responsive graphics in R Meetup, Sydney Users of R Forum (SURF), June 2019
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Data Futures: a live experiment about data ownership, ethics and our everyday lives Vivid Ideas Exchange, Museum of Contemporary Art, May 2018
Talk and live experiment at Vivid together with Andrea Lau from Small Multiples, based on concept by Dominikus Baur and Daniel Goddemeyer.
We need to google ourselves (
Article by Small Multiples
Event website

Isoscope Meetup, Maptime Berlin, February 2015
Presentation slides (PDF)


Data Visualisation for Beginners: Two-Part Workshop Series General Assembly, 2016–2018
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Frieder Nake - Licht ins Dunkel 25x50 years of computer art
University of the Arts Bremen
16. - 28. December 2013

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